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What is the 2024 ‘Blueprint? DeSantis writes a book about going after ‘entrenched Elites’ during presidential speculation

Republican governor. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis will recount his experiences in public service in a book that will be published in February. This will be seen by pundits as yet another step by the conservative champion toward a possible 2024 Presidential run.

DeSantis’ autobiography, which was overwhelmingly reelected to a second term of four years as the leader of the increasingly red Sunshine State, has been titled “The Courage To Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint For America’s Revival”.

The book’s title is expected to be published by Broadside Publishing, HarperCollins Publishing’s conservative arm.

According to the publishers, the autobiography will include key moments from DeSantis’ childhood, including his participation in Little League World Series and Yale University. He also worked his way through Harvard Law School and Yale University.

His marriage to Casey DeSantis and their children, as well as his battle with cancer, will be included in the memoir.

Florida’s governor has enjoyed a rise in popularity among conservatives over the past two and a half years. This is due to his strong pushback against the coronavirus pandemic restrictions as well as his aggressive actions towards the media and corporations.

According to the publishers, the book will “focus on critical issues that brought [DeSantis] into the center of the debate about the future of our nation.” He shares his thoughts from the time he was fighting against COVID restrictions and mandates, critical race theory, and woke corporations.” They call it “the partisan legacy media.” They say that the memoir will be a record of what they consider “his bold, substantial policy accomplishments.”

DeSantis stated in a statement that Florida had established a model for governance that produced tangible results and served as a warning to the elites that have led our country into the ground. Florida is proof that we, as the people, can resist the elites.

Broadside’s vice president and editorial director Eric Nelson stressed that everyone can see Governor. Ron DeSantis has a reputation for being a talented leader. Now, people will find out that he is also a skilled writer. His book describes how he uses his True North sense to lead and live life.

DeSantis is a former congressman and was narrowly elected governor in 2018. DeSantis’ first book was published in 2011, just before his election as a Congressman. It was called “Dreams from Our Founding Fathers” and it was published in 2011. This book examined why some conservatives resorted to the nation’s founding principles amid then-President Barack Obama’s self-described transformational change.

Many potential presidential candidates consider writing a book a way of life. Mike Pence, former Vice President, is currently on a national book tour in support of his autobiography “So Help Me God.”

“If you Want Something Done: Leadership Lessons From Bold Women”, the latest book by former South Carolina Governor. Nikki Haley’s October book. Haley was the ambassador to United Nations during the Trump administration.

The publication of “Never Give An Inch: Fighting For America I Love” by Mike Pompeo (another likely Republican presidential candidate) is set for late January.

Over a year, DeSantis has remained focused on his gubernatorial election. He’s a major player in the GOP, having built a political brand that spans from coast to coast. Political prognosticators consider him a possible presidential candidate.

The governor delivered a keynote speech that was well received at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting. It was seen as the first major GOP 2024 presidential cattle call. He reiterated his familiar pledge that “we have a lot more work to do, and we have only started to fight.”

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