Dwight Howard keeps tweeting bad photoshops to troll the Lakers for not bringing him back to guard Nikola Jokic

The Los Angeles Lakers keep getting their hearts ripped out by the Denver Nuggets, but fans who want to remember a happier time, when their favorite team was capable of slowing down Nikola Jokic and (more importantly) beating him in a series don’t have to look far. They just have to go to Dwight Howard’s Twitter account, where he’s reminding them of his efforts in the 2020 Western Conference Finals after every game.

Because this is Dwight Howard, and he has to do this in potentially the most hysterical way possible, he is essentially telling the Lakers they should have just signed him by tweeting an insanely oversaturated, possibly AI-generated image of himself in a Lakers jersey… even though he has played for the Lakers in three separate stints.

It all started after Game 1…

…but Howard posted again mere minutes after the team’s latest soul-crushing defeat at the hands of Jokic and Co., apparently in an effort to promote his podcast (so mission accomplished I guess?):

But for critics asking: “Why did he photoshop this? Was it just to add the Superman cape? Didn’t he do the dunk contest in a Lakers-themed Superman outfit and cape anyway?” the answer is to that last part is yes…

2020 NBA All-Star - AT&T Slam Dunk

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

…but Dwight has a very simple explanation for why he used these deep-fried meme edits anyway:

Now for those of you wondering, no, the Lakers cannot just sign Dwight Howard and have him eligible for Game 3. Yes, I know Jaxson Hayes is bad, but that does not qualify the team for a roster exemption.

But for any of you asking the other obvious questions, like “isn’t Dwight retired?” and “could he even still help? how old is he at this point?”, the answers are:

  1. no, he has spent the last two seasons playing overseas, most recently in the Philippines
  2. He thinks so, and he’s “only” 38, as he’s happy to tell any Lakers fans questioning his current level of Jokic-stopping abilities, again with some hysterically overdone edits

Now, is that true? Could Dwight actually help? I mean… probably not, or one would think he’d still be in the NBA, or at least have gotten a chance at some point in the last two seasons. But he was a shell of himself in his final season with the Lakers, which likely put an end to any dreams of one last, fourth dance with L.A.

However, I still think the Lakers should bring him in for Game 3. Even if he’s not allowed to play, his NBA Bubble trash talk is basically the last thing we have on-record of rattling Joker in any way…

…so there are certainly worse plans the Lakers could try on Jokic. Like whatever they did in the second half of Game 2, for example. So here’s hoping they fly Dwight out… or at least let him borrow their team graphic designer.

Seriously dude, hell, just send me an email, I’ll ask our social media team to make you a better one than this just so you can stop singing our retinas after the next two losses.

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