Electric Mercedes G-Class revealed as quad-motor luxury 4×4

In addition, the G580 offers three bespoke functions to aid off-road driving: a G-Turn, which allows it to rotate 720 degrees on the spot; G-Steering, which reduces the turning circle by enabling it to pivot around an individual wheel; and an off-road crawler function that can run as low as 1.2mph.

There is also a new ‘transparent bonnet’ function that uses the front facing cameras to project a forward view onto the infotainment screen to make tackling obstacles easier.

The G580 sits on a modified version of the G-Class’s ladder frame chassis, although with the batteries mounted directly into the frame in specially designed packs, which also serve as a structural part of the machine, removing the need for separate cross braces.

The 116kWh battery, shared with the EQS, can be fast-charged at speeds of up to 200kW and gives a claimed range of 292 miles, although as important for Mercedes, according to Urstöger, was how much off-roading that would allow.

electric g class blue cable storage

“It’s surprising how long you can drive off-road,” he said, noting that the lower speeds and ability to use regen instead of brakes when descending are beneficial in this respect.

Urstöger highlighted the G580’s performance on the Schöckl mountain pass in Austria, a 3.5-mile pass featuring 700 metres of altitude gain at gradients of up to 60% that all G-Class are tested on, claiming the EV can complete the ascent and descent 14 times on a single charge.

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