Forget about prompt engineering, Typeface Arc uses AI agent approach to power marketing campaigns

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In the generative AI era, organizations have generally been using prompts at each step of a content generation process. AI startup Typeface thinks there is a better way.

The San Francisco based startup launched in 2023, with a goal of enabling highly customized, on-brand generative AI content. Typeface has built out integrations with multiple vendors including Microsoft and Google for its technology, to help organizations with marketing workflows. 

Today the company is going a step further with the launch of its Typeface Arc technology. The vision behind Typeface Arc is to enable a user to state a high-level marketing objective and then have the system automatically plan and generate all the assets. Those assets could include emails, images and notifications that are all connected to execute a true connected story arc to engage customers.

“It’s not that exciting to sit there typing one prompt at a time and generate one image or one text paragraph,” Abhay Parasnis, CEO of Typeface told VentureBeat. “The novelty wears off pretty quickly.”

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The holy grail of marketing is user personalization

Parasnis argued that many of today’s gen AI systems are limited to disjointed outputs. While generating a single new piece of content provides moderate usefulness, the ability to choreograph personalized customer journeys from start to finish is still needed.

“This has always been the holy grail of marketing,” he said.

Typeface Arc is an attempt to deliver on that goal, using an integrated approach that goes beyond the basic piecemeal approach of prompt engineering to generate individual pieces of content. The goal of Arc is to automate the creation of personalized marketing campaigns and content by acting on the user’s behalf based on their business goals.

“You just tell it what your goal is and it will literally create the entire marketing journey and campaign across many moments,” Parasnis  said. “It will generate the first email to send, then it will generate a push notification to send a few days later, then it will create another reminder email and each of those are personalized right to the audience and right to the product.”

Using AI agents to power the next generation of AI marketing

The Typeface platform already trains and learns what an organization’s brand voice and image styles are all about.

 A core part of the company’s platform is the Typeface Graph, which provides a multimodal knowledge graph of an organization’s content. That fine tuning and customization of gen AI is what Typeface Arc benefits from to power a full marketing journey.

“We have a very strong and well-defined proprietary system, where a marketer can just simply describe at the highest level what their goal is,” Parasnis said. “The system internally uses our prompt corpus and Typeface Graph to essentially create a very sophisticated marketing plan.”

Parasnis explained that Typeface Arc can be considered an agent technology. With an agent, the AI system executes workflows on behalf of users by understanding prompt choreography and building context across multiple prompts. 

“We have essentially gone and built a custom planner for marketing,” he explained. “We had to then train the LLM system to not just understand discrete prompts, but to understand prompt choreography, like what prompt came before and what prompt is going to come after.”

Will gen AI powered customer journeys end A/B testing?

A common aspect of many marketing campaigns is the concept of A/B testing where different variants are tested to see what will perform better.

Parasnis argued that with a technology like Typeface Arc, A/B testing might become a thing of the past. He explained that there is an analysis component to the technology that is constantly evaluating how the content is performing. The system can adapt in real time to optimize messages and content.

“I think A/B testing is going to be dead,” Parasnis said. “I think the world of these marketing driven AI agents like Typeface Arc are just going to build more of a closed loop system.”

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