I’m Banishing Boring Blouses Since I’ve Found My New Pleated Fave

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On occasion, I have to dress in plain, “respectable” blouses. Be it a nice dinner, a meeting, or an upscale occasion, the dress code turns from my fun and whimsical style to that of a decent, respectable young woman with plain colors and appropriate designs. But I’ve long been tired of dolling myself up with a plain old scoop-neck batwing top or a button-down variety that I usually wear a tank under for modesty’s sake. That’s why, like hundreds of other Amazon buyers, have become so obsessed with this easy dress up or dress down blouse with – can you guess? – pleats!

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If we’re being honest, tops can be quite boring. You’re looking for a top for work, school, date night, brunch with friends or any casual-nice occasion, but a cute new one is hard to find. It doesn’t have to be anything super special, but it also needs to look good with your favorite black leather […]

I absolutely adore the best selling Kistore Casual Pleated Blouse at Amazon, which will only run you $20! It’s unbelievable, I know, especially since it comes in dozens of colors and a variety of sizes. And for this price, you’re getting a versatile, pretty blouse with one fun extra detail that sets it apart from the rest of the pack: pleats! I know what you’re thinking, though. Pleats? How could they matter at all? Well, just look at this top! It’s giving fun, but it’s also giving working professional. The pleats really sell it for me.

Get the Kistore Casual Pleated Blouse for just $20 at Amazon!

You can see for yourself that this could just be a plain Jane shirt that you can wear in a variety of situations. But the gorgeous detailing around the collar make it look so much more elegant than it could be. Whether you choose a sunny yellow, a solid black, or a flower print, you can feel confident that you’re giving your best look possible. I felt like I had a huge boost in self-assuredness when I donned one of these blouses – and you will too!

Get the Kistore Casual Pleated Blouse for just $20 at Amazon!

Honestly, for $20, you really can’t beat such a great-looking blouse. You’ll want to repeat it again and again, and I can’t blame you. It really does leave no excuses to pull from the same old boring top catalogue we have for years and years. I say grab a black and a printed one and see how much more polished it makes you feel during interviews, dinners, or other fancy settings.

Get the Kistore Casual Pleated Blouse for just $20 at Amazon!

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