Jeep Recon 4×4 primed for 600bhp EV and hybrid option

But he added: “Wagoneer S will stay BEV-only, for sure. But [while] being faithful to our main strategy of deep electrification, we can think about opportunities on Recon. Let’s see: Recon will be built on a platform that is very versatile.”

Filosa said it was unlikely that the Recon would be offered with a pure-petrol engine, hinting that any ICE-equipped model would likely be a hybrid.

He added: “We are just studying [development on the Recon] and just analysing if there are options for the future – but so far it’s BEV.”

Filosa reiterated Stellantis’s commitment to its current electrification strategy, with the goal of electric cars accounting for 100% of sales in Europe, 50% in the US and 20% in South America by 2030.

jeep renegade front three quarter

“We are very versatile in our platforms, and while many of our competitors are only strong in one continent, we are strong in the rest of the world,” he said, highlighting that Brazil – which is focusing on ethanol fuel – is Jeep’s second largest market behind the US.

“To keep our strengths in those regions, we need to invest in other possibilities [than electric], and since we have those investments running, we can adopt them immediately for other regions.

“But our strategy is going 100% electric in Europe. If the political leaders of Europe decide differently, then we will need to adapt, and we will adapt very fast.”

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