NFL Draft full team grades for all 32 clubs after 2024 selections

Grading an NFL Draft is often a difficult exercise.

But it does not mean we will not try.

In many ways, it is an analysis of process rather than results. As you will see in a moment, there might be players that we like in a vacuum, but disagree with when it comes to where they were drafted, when they were drafted, or a combination thereof.

And these grades are a mere snapshot in time, ultimately how these draft classes will be viewed will be up to the coaches developing them, the teammates around them, and the players themselves.

Having said that, let’s hand out some grades.

Arizona Cardinals

WR Marvin Harrison Jr.
DL Darius Robinson
CB Max Melton
RB Trey Benson
OL Isaiah Adams
TE Tip Reiman
CB Elijah Jones
S Dadrian Taylor-Demerson
EDGE Xavier Thomas
OT Christian Jones
WR Tejhaun Palmer
CB Jaden Davis

Pick we liked: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Darius Robinson, DL

Perhaps the best thing you can say about the Cardinals draft is that they didn’t fall for the bait. It would have been very tempting to trade out of the No. 4 spot to a QB-needy team and amass more draft capital, but Marvin Harrison Jr. is a special player who is worth passing on a handful of magic beans.

Their other first round pick, Darius Robinson, is a lot more questionable. Robinson is a solid, productive player — but he isn’t a great athlete, which limits how he can be used in a defense. This was also a fairly big need reach when it would have been suited the Cardinals to go in another direction.

Regardless, top-to-bottom this was a solid class and MH Jr. pushed it above average,

Grade: B+

Atlanta Falcons

QB Michael Penix Jr.
DT Ruke Orhorhoro
EDGE Bralen Trice
DT Brandon Dorlus
LB JD Bertrand
RB Jase McClellan
WR Casey Washington
DL Zion Logue

Pick we liked: Brandon Dorlus, DT

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Michael Penix Jr., QB

At the outset, we loved the selection of Brandon Dorlus early on Day 3. He is perhaps a perfect fit for what we expect from that defense, as Louis Riddick noted right after the selection was made. While Dorlus might be more of a “tweener,” given the number of odd-man fronts we anticipate seeing from the Falcons next year, Dorlus can play at both the 3-technique or the 5-technique, making him an ideal addition.

On the other side of the ledger we are still scratching our heads over the selection of quarterback Michael Penix Jr. This is more about the process from Atlanta than anything else, as Penix is a very talented quarterback. In the modern NFL there is perhaps nothing more valuable than a quarterback on a rookie deal. But should Kirk Cousins last his entire contract in Atlanta, the bulk of Penix’s rookie deal will see him sitting on the bench. Good prospect, questionable process.

Grade: C+

Baltimore Ravens

CB Nate Wiggins
OT Roger Rosengarten
EDGE Adisa Isaac
WR Devontez Walker
CB T.J. Tampa
RB Rasheen Ali
QB Devin Leary
OL Nick Samac
S Sanoussi Kane

Pick we liked: Nate Wiggins

Pick that has us scratching our heads: Devontez Walker

The Ravens had a really solid, on-brand class for them of finding specific guys who fit perfectly into their football vision and system. The picks of Nate Wiggns and Roger Rosengarten give Baltimore two starters with their first two picks, which is really what you’re looking for — and from there the rest of the draft was more or less value and gravy.

Devontez Walker is the only questionable pick of the bunch. Walker is an extremely inconsistent receiver and a fairly big reason that Drake Maye wasn’t the No. 1 QB taken, because so many plays weren’t converted. He’s a bit of a strange pick in an offense that craves reliability on impact throws.

Still, top-to-bottom this was a great effort from the Ravens and a solid class.

Grade: A-

Florida State v Florida

Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills

WR Keon Coleman
S Cole Bishop
DL DeWayne Carter
RB Ray Davis
OL Sedrick Van Pran-Granger
LB Edefuan Ulofoshio
LB Javon Solomon
OT Tylan Grable
CB Daequan Hardy
OL Travis Clayton

Pick we liked: N/A

Pick that has us scratching our heads: N/A

This is a bit of a weird class to evaluate. The Bills didn’t do anything wrong, but they also didn’t do anything remarkable. It’s the lukewarm bathwater of the NFL.

Keon Coleman is so much fun to hear him talk, because he’s such a unique personality — but on-field his fit on the Bills is just fine. He won’t replace Stefon Diggs immediately, making this a bit more of a “wait and see” pick.

The rest of the class is full of “solid” and “makes sense” type picks, but almost no risks to try and find someone truly special. It feels like the scouting department in Buffalo didn’t really love the 2024 class, which played out by the team trading back, amassing resources, and only making picks when they had to.

Grade: B-

Carolina Panthers

WR Xavier Legette
RB Jonathon Brooks
LB Trevin Wallace
TE Ja’Tavion Sanders
CB Chau Smith-Wade
DT Jaden Crumedy
LB Michael Barrett

Pick we liked: RB Jonathan Brooks

Pick that had us scratching our heads: LB Trevin Wallace

The Panthers had a very clear M.O entering this draft: Get Bryce Young help. With this goal in mind they really achieved their goal with the three offensive picks they made.

Brooks is the key to this class. Carolina took a risk drafting the RB, coming off an ACL tear — but he was legitimately on pace to be a late 1st round pick prior to the injury. If he winds up being healthy the team found a steal of a three-down running back who has legitimate skills as a pass catcher as well.

The appeal of athletic linebacker Trevin Wallace is clear, but not grabbing an edge rusher in a deep class at the position could come back to haunt the Panthers. It’s the first year of a new regime, and their unique view of the class vs. the consensus board will be something to watch as these players develop.

Grade: B-

Chicago Bears Introduce Quarterback Caleb Williams And Wide Receiver Rome Odunze

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Chicago Bears

QB Caleb Williams
WR Rome Odunze
OL Kiran Amegadjie
P Tory Taylor
DL Austin Booker

Pick we liked: Rome Odunze, WR

Pick that had us scratching our heads: N/A

This was a fantastic draft for the Chicago Bears, despite general manager Ryan Poles not have a bevy a draft picks at his disposal. Caleb Williams is certainly the top-line selection, but adding Rome Odunze at the No. 9 spot — and not having to trade up for him — was a fantastic move. Kiran Amegadjie is a solid developmental tackle prospect, and even punter Tory Taylor was a great pick for Chicago, given his leg.

Grade: A-

Cincinnati Bengals

OT Amarius Mims, OT
DT Kris Jenkins
WR Jermaine Burton
DL McKinnley Jackson
TE Erick All, TE
CB Josh Newton
TE Tanner McLachlan
EDGE Cedric Johnson, Edge
S Daijahn Anthony
OL Matt Lee

Pick we liked: Kris Jenkins, DT

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Jermaine Burton, WR

The first two picks of the Bengals draft were really good. Amarius Mims is an athletic monster who can be coached up into something special, arriving on a team with the structure to build him up.

Kris Jenkins is the gem pick. He fell a little because of his less-than-ideal size, but he’s a violanent, productive DT who simply loves to make plays. A lot is made of the football lineage with his dad, but the younger Kris Jenkins has a better motor and is more of an effort player.

It’s the Jermaine Burton pick which is a little puzzling. This was a pretty big reach in Round 3 that puts a lot of stock in the work Burton has done privately with T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Burton is athletic and has upside, but this was a bit of a reach that could easily flub.

Grade: B

Cleveland Browns

DL Michael Hall Jr.
OL Zak Zinter
WR Jamari Thrash
LB Nathaniel Wilson
CB Myles Harden
DL Jowon Briggs

Pick we liked: Michael Hall Jr., DT

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Zak Zinter, OL

It’s tough to put together a big class without a lot of assets, and it shows when it comes to the Browns selections.

Michael Hall Jr. is a small DT with a couple of unicorn traits. There’s athleticism here that’s impossible to teach, but a 290 pound defensive tackle winning when the league keeps getting bigger is a pretty big question.

Zinter is a bizarre choice. When you don’t have a lot of picks you need to make them count, and a decent OL player who will be buried on the chart coming off an injury doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Grade: C

Dallas Cowboys

OT Tyler Guyton
EDGE Marshawn Kneeland
OG Cooper Beebe
LB Marist Liufau
CB Caelen Carson
WR Ryan Flournoy
OT Nathan Thomas
DT Justin Rogers

Pick we liked: Cooper Beebe, OG

Pick that left us scratching our heads: Marist Liufau, LB

For a team that went in with a lot of major holes, the Cowboys addressed their needs in a big way while banking on their development. Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton is a phenomenal athlete, who could be a star at left tackle with some refinement. Cooper Beebe is going to start at center and immediately become a fan favorite, rounding out an offensive line that looks to be incredibly physical. The Liufau pick is a really interesting one considering that better LBs were on the board, but it’s also a lot of trust in new DC Mike Zimmer, helping develop a guy who is predominantly run and chase into an all around backer. Liked getting Caelen Carson late as well. Would’ve loved to see Dallas address the RB spot instead of giving Ezekiel Elliott another run, but the class has a lot of potential.

Grade: A-

NFL Combine

Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Denver Broncos

QB Bo Nix
EDGE Jonah Elliss
WR Troy Franklin
CB Kris Abrams-Draine
RB Audric Estime
WR Devaughn Vele
OL Nick Gargiulo

Pick we liked: Troy Franklin, WR

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Bo Nix, QB

The ultimate story on this draft for Denver is whether Bo Nix is the answer at quarterback. Those who believe Nix can be the QB Denver needs will point to his experience, his quick decision-making, and how he might fit in a Sean Payton offense. Detractors will suggest that this was a massive reach. But lacking a second-round selection, the Broncos really were not in a spot to pass on Nix.

Adding Franklin will help ease Nix’s transition to the NFL, given the built-in chemistry between the two given their time at Oregon. Pass rusher Jonah Elliss and cornerback Kris Abrams-Draine should be immediate contributors.

Grade: B-

Detroit Lions

DB Terrion Arnold
DB Ennis Rakestraw Jr.
OT Giovanni Manu
RB Sione Vaki
DT Mekhi Wingo
OG Christian Mahogany

Pick we liked: Christian Mahogany, OG

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Giovanni Manu, OT

The Detroit Lions once again absolutely crushed the NFL Draft. Going in with a very clear need at cornerback, the Lions instantly boosted their ceiling by trading up for our CB1 Terrion Arnold, then doubling down at the end of the second round and picking Ennis Rakestraw Jr. Both are incredibly physical, smart and talented players, fitting a culture that Dan Campbell set when he first arrived in Detroit. However, my favorite pick of theirs was getting Boston College OG Christian Mahogany on Day 3. I believed Mahogany was going to go on Day 2, and he fits the powerful and tough style of play that the Lions love on the inside. He can compete for starting left guard reps immediately, and become a high-level starter. Wasn’t too in love with the Giovanni Manu pick, but if anyone deserves to get some belief in their offensive line development, it’s Detroit.

Grade: A

Green Bay Packers

OT Jordan Morgan
LB Edgerrin Cooper
DB Javon Bullard
RB MarShawn Lloyd
LB Ty’Ron Hopper
DB Evan Williams
C Jacob Monk
DB Kitan Oladapo
OT Travis Glover
QB Michael Pratt
DB Kalen King

Pick we loved: Javon Bullard, DB

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Jordan Morgan, OT

The Packers are leaning hard on their development and coaching with their early draft picks. Jordan Morgan is a very good athlete, but with guys such as Graham Barton still on the board I wonder what their plan is for Morgan if he plays right tackle or moves inside to guard. Edgerrin Cooper brings needed youth and speed to the linebacker position, and I love the Javon Bullard pick. He could be an instant starter at safety or nickel for the Packers. Overall, the Packers are trusting their development, which I can’t knock them too hard for. Just wonder if better players were on the board.

Grade: B-

Houston Texans

CB Kamari Lassiter
OT Blake Fisher
S Calen Bullock
TE Cade Stover
LB Jamal Hill
RB Jawhar Jordan
DE Solomon Byrd
DT Marcus Harris
OG LaDarius Henderson

Pick we loved: Kamari Lassiter, CB

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Blake Fisher, OT

The Texans traded out of the first round, but made up for it in a big way by getting Georgia’s Kamari Lassiter. One of the best tackling corners in this draft class, Lassiter is a great fit next to Derek Stingley in a young and talented Texans secondary. Adding Calen Bullock raised some eyebrows, especially with better guys available, but with Jimmie Ward being an upcoming free agent in 2025 the succession plan starts now. Not really understanding the Fisher pick, especially with better tackles on the board. Fisher is young with a lot of runway left, but better tackles were there to help the team now. The day 3 picks are solid, if uninspiring. Jamal Hill should be fun on special teams.

Grade: B-

2024 NFL Draft - Round 1

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts

EDGE Laiatu Latu
WR Adonai Mitchell
OT Matt Goncalves
C Tanor Bortolini
WR Anthony Gould
LB Jaylon Carlies
DB Jaylin Simpson
DB Micah Abraham
DT Jonah Laulu

Pick we liked: Adonai Mitchell, WR

Pick that left us scratching our heads: Matt Goncalves, OT

What a haul for the Indianapolis Colts, who normally go for elite athletes from top to bottom. Not only that, but their first round pick in Latu is a different style of pass rusher than the ones GM Chris Ballard has normally invested in. Latu brings a highly refined pass rush game, however, so it’s a much needed change. Mitchell has the chance to take this class to an elite level, however. If he can remain consistent, the offense for the Colts should take another major step forward. Grabbing Bortolini late is a great find, he should play rightb guard depth and could be the future center if Ryan Kelly decides to retire. Anthony Gould is a fun shot in the arm in the return game as well. Not super high on the Goncalves pick, but outside of that the Colts crushed it.

Grade: A

Jacksonville Jaguars

WR Brian Thomas Jr.
DT Maason Smith
CB Jarrian Jones
OT Javon Foster
DT Jordan Jefferson
CB Deantre Prince
RB Keilan Robinson
K Cam Little
DE Myles Cole

Pick we liked: Javon Foster, OT

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Maason Smith, DT

The LSU-I mean Jacksonville Jaguars placed a heavy importance on athleticism in the early rounds, fitting needs such as WR Brian Thomas Jr in the first round. Thomas Jr.’s speed and size make him a great fit in the Jaguars’ offense, and he has the potential to grow into a star. Loved the Javon Foster pick on Day 3, as his length and athleticism give him a shot at being the left tackle of the future with Cam Robinson and Walker Little both entering contract years. The Maason Smith pick is interesting. If you would’ve told me back in 2021 that Smith would be a head-scratcher, I might’ve called you crazy. However, Smith suffered a lower leg injury in the 2022 season opener, and was still trying to regain form in 2023. If the Jaguars can get 2021 Smith, it’s a major plus and this draft is a home run. But reaching for him at 48 makes this pick interesting, especially with other DBs available.

Grade: B-

Kansas City Chiefs

WR Xavier Worthy
OT Kingsley Suamataia
TE Jared Wiley
DB Jaden Hicks
OL Hunter Nourzad
DB Kamal Hadden
OG C.J. Hanson

Pick we liked: Jared Wiley, TE

Pick that had us scratching our head: N/A

How is this for scary?

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted five offensive players in an effort to help Patrick Mahomes.

Worthy is an absolute burner that will create problems down the field, and perhaps open up opportunities for Travis Kelce and company underneath. Kingsley adds another option at tackle, and to get him near the end of the second round looks like a steal given where he ranked on consensus draft boards. Wiley certainly stands out given his ability to play in-line, which could help Kelce do even more in the passing game. And he might be the succession plan at TE for when Kelce decides to join his brother as a full-time podcaster.

Grade: A-

Las Vegas Raiders

TE Brock Bowers
IOL Jackson Powers-Johnson
OT Delmar “DJ” Glaze
CB Decamerion Richardson
LB Tommy Eichenberg
RB Dylan Laube
S Trey Taylor
DB M.J. Devonshire

Pick we liked: Jackson Powers-Johnson, IOL

Pick that had us scratching our heads: DJ Glaze, OT

Perhaps the value of Brock Bowers was too much to pass up in the first round, but draft the Georgia TE there a year after drafting Notre Dame TE Michael Mayer might leave some wondering how both will be utilized next season. Perhaps the Raiders are envisioning a lot of 12 personnel, or even some “bit 11” personnel using Bowers as more of a big slot receiver. Jackson Powers-Johnson was great value in the second round.

Glaze, however, looks like a bit of a reach at No. 77, given his ranking on various consensus boards.

Grade: B

NFL: Combine

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Chargers

OT Joe Alt, OT
WR Ladd McConkey
LB Junior Colson
DT Justin Eboigbe
CB Tarheeb Still
CB Cam Hart
RB Kimani Vidal
WR Brenden Rice
WR Cornelius Johnson

Pick we liked: Ladd McConkey, WR

Pick that has us scratching our heads: Justin Eboigbe, DT

Jim Harbaugh has a vision. You might not like that vision, you might question that vision — but he’s got it. This is all about turning the Chargers into a tough, trench-focused football team and they did just that.

Joe Alt was a solid, albeit unremarkable pick at No. 5. He’s going to be really good, even if it wasn’t a sexy pick. The Alt pick is made much better by taking McConkey in the second round, who is a perfect fit for Justin Herbert in what looks to become a run-heavy offense. McConkey will find the gaps out of the slot and pick up those 3rd-and-4 type plays that could come about a lot with the new offense.

Even with this trench-focused planning the pick of Justin Eboigbe is a bit ambitious. He’s a bruiser up front with little finesse to his game, and even if you love the nard-nosed aspect to how he plays, it’s bit of a reach to take a one-dimensional, rotational DT like that in the 4th.

Grade: B

Los Angeles Rams

EDGE Jared Verse
DT Braden Fiske
RB Blake Corum
S Kamren Kinchens
EDGE Brennen Jackson
DT Tyler Davis
K Joshua Karty
WR Jordan Whittington
C Beaux Limmer
OT KT Leveston

Pick we liked: Jared Verse, EDGE

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Braden Fiske, DT

The Rams starting off the draft with two Florida State defensive linemen in Verse and Fiske. While I have a tiny question about Verse dropping into coverage, he’s a powerful pass rusher who is going to be moved around the front. Fiske is a weird fit. He’s an undersized three-technique, but the Rams have one of those already in Kobie Turner. Fiske will help in pass rush games and stunts, and bright an exceptionally high motor. I’m really intrigued by Corum in LA. He and Kyren Williams are very similar in running style, but if the goal is for Corum to be the thunder and Williams to be the lightning, I kinda get it. Like the Kinchens pick, as he can be a very solid safety in that defense.

Grade: B-

Miami Dolphins

EDGE Chop Robinson
OT Patrick Paul
RB Jaylen Wright
EDGE Mohamed Kamara
WR Malik Washington
DB Patrick McMorris
WR Tahj Washington

Pick we liked: Patrick Paul, OT

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Jaylen Wright, RB

The Miami Dolphins did a good job this weekend chipping away at some needs. Adding Chop Robinson and Mohamed Kamara gives their pass rushing group a much-needed boost, and Patrick Paul could be their future at tackle. Wide receivers Malik Washington (Pick No. 184) and Tahj Washington (Pick No. 241) might have come off the board late on Saturday, but could both be immediate contributors for Mike McDaniel given the talent already in the WR room.

Jaylen Wright is a good running back, but the Dolphins did pay a surprising price — in the form of a 2025 third-round pick — to get in position to draft him.

Grade: B-

Minnesota Vikings

QB JJ McCarthy
EDGE Dallas Turner
CB Khyree Jackson
OT Walter Rouse
K Will Reichard
C Michael Jurgens
Levi Drake Rodriguez

Pick we liked: Khyree Jackson, CB

Pick that left us scratching our heads: Will Reichard, K

Much is going to be made about the Vikings draft class at the top, and for good reason. Minnesota traded up a spot to pick McCarthy, and then traded up again to take Dallas Turner. In the grand scheme of things, I think both of these trades are fine. I wasn’t a huge advocate of McCarthy, but the run on QBs forced Minnesota to go up and get their guy. If he can sit for a minute before starting that might be best for him. Minnesota also didn’t have to move heaven and Earth to get him, which is great. I love Turner’s fit in Brian Flores’ defense, same with Oregon DB Khyree Jackson. His length and ability in press will be huge for a defensive back room that could use some more infusions of talent. I’m not a huge “don’t draft kickers” guy, but Reichard wasn’t even the best kicker available. However, if that’s the one pick I question, it makes it a fairly solid class.

Grade: B+

2024 NFL Draft - Portraits

Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

New England Patriots

QB Drake Maye
WR Ja’Lynn Polk
OT Caedan Wallace
OL Layden Robinson
WR Javon Baker
DB Marcellas Dial
QB Joe Milton
TE Jaheim Bell

Pick we liked: Drake Maye, QB

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Caedan Wallace, OT

It might be a chalky selection, but Drake Maye “falling” to the New England Patriots at No. 3 is a perfect selection. Not only did the Patriots see the quarterback many considered QB2 — or perhaps even QB1B — drop to them at the third spot but the Patriots were so committed to Maye they passed on multiple offers from teams trying to trade up for him. The Patriots also did a good job at getting him some help, with wide receivers Ja’Lynn Polk and Javon Baker.

The Wallace pick, while a smart investment on the offensive line, does stand out a bit. He came off the board at No. 68 overall, despite clocking in at 186 overall on the Consensus Big Board compiled by Arif Hasan, where he ranked as OT18.

Grade: B

New Orleans Saints

OT Taliese Fuaga
CB Kool-Aid McKinstry
QB Spencer Rattler
WR Bub Means
LB Jaylan Ford
DT Khristian Boyd
OT Jonah Ezirim

Pick we liked: Taliese Fuaga, OT

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB

The Saints had a solid, if unspectacular, draft. Taking Oregon State OT Taliese Fuaga was a good pick for where the Saints are at with their offensive line. Fuaga can play RT or RG, and with the entire interior offensive line around C Erik McCoy falling apart, Fuaga can play guard and back up RT Ryan Ramczyck (or start in his place if he can’t go). With the way the board fell, all of the pure left tackles were gone so the hope is that Trevor Penning irons out his play. The trade up for McKinstry in the second round is interesting. McKinstry is a perfect fit in the Saints’ defense, but with Paulson Adebo and Marshon Lattimore on the outside, where will snaps come? Could this mean Lattimore is on his way out (more likely)? Liked the Rattler pick on Day 3, thought he had a chance of going Day 2, but in New Orleans he doesn’t have to play right away and gives the Saints a talented backup.

New York Giants

WR Malik Nabers
S Tyler Nubin
CB Andru Phillips
TE Theo Johnson
RB Tyrone Tracy Jr.
LB Darius Muasau

Pick we liked: Malik Nabers, WR
Pick that had us scratching our heads: N/A

We’re not going to fault the Giants for not coming away with a quarterback in this class. In fact, they actually deserve a ton of credit for taking a difference maker instead of reaching out of desperation. After Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye I’m not sure there was a quarterback on the board who is demonstrably better than Daniel Jones, so might as well play this out and give the team more tools.

Malik Nabers is an incredible player with the potential to be very, very special. There’s a little hestiation here on how he’ll mesh with a no-nonsense coach like Brian Daboll. Nabers is a big time player, and big time personality. If they can coexist then special things can happen.

The rest of the class is fairly unremarkable. A lot of solid picks in reasonable places, none of which represent a major reach or leap of faith.

Grade: A-

New York Jets

OT Olu Fashanu
WR Malachi Corley
RB Braelon Allen
QB Jordan Travis
RB Isaiah Davis
CB Quan’tez Stiggers
DB Jaylen Key

Pick we liked: Jordan Travis, QB

Pick that had us scratching our heads: Braelon Allen, RB

The Jets had a myriad of spots they could go with their first pick, and decided to address the offensive line with Fashanu. With Tyron Smith and Morgan Moses already in the fold, there’s no need to play Fashanu right away if you don’t want to, and he can learn from Smith in his growth to be the eventual left tackle of the future. Love the Travis pick on Day 3. If he’s fully recovered from a broken ankle, he gives the room some athleticism and a fun backup option, if not successor to the Aaron Rodgers throne. Corley is a fun player who will be awesome with a creative offensive mind, unfortunately the Jets are stuck with Nathaniel Hackett. Picking 2 young RBs when you already drafted Israel Abanikanda last year is confusing, and I’m not sure if Allen fits the run game that the Jets want to implement. Overall, a solid draft, albeit some head scratchers in there.

Grade: B

Philadelphia Eagles

CB Quinyon Mitchell
DB Cooper DeJean
DE Jalyx Hunt
RB Will Shipley
WR Ainias Smith
LB Jeremiah Trotter, Jr.
OL Trevor Keegan
WR Johnny Wilson
OL Dylan McMahon

Pick we liked: Jeremiah Trotter Jr., LB

Pick that had us scratching our heads: N/A

This was a hard decision, but a selection that stands out from Howie Roseman is Jeremiah Trotter Jr., the Clemson linebacker the team picked at No. 155 overall. Not only is Trotter the son of a Philadelphia legend, but he is a very good football player in his own right. But the top of the certainly stands out. Not only did the Eagles add Quinyon Mitchell in the first round, but they took advantage of Cooper DeJean sliding out of the first round to grab him early in the second round. A fantastic weekend from Roseman and company.

Grade: A-

NFL: Combine

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers

OL Troy Fautanu
C Zach Frazier
WR Roman Wilson
LB Payton Wilson
OL Mason McCormick
DL Logan Lee
CB Ryan Watts

Pick we liked: Payton Wilson, LB

Pick that had us scratching our heads: N/A

Over the last two years the Steelers stopped resembling a Steelers team. They lost a lot of their edge, their interior toughness, and instead of being leaders in their own domain, started to build like followers. That changes now.

The back-to-back OL picks to kick off the draft landed two potential starters — but it’s Payton Wilson that’s the pick we love. This is a guy who had legitimate Round 1 talent, pushed to a Round 2 projection because of position — then medical concerns pushed him down. When you hear “he doesn’t have an ACL” it’s terrifying, but Wilson has been tough as nails and could be the biggest steal of Pittsburgh’s class.

This was a home-run year from top to bottom for Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin.

Grade: A+

San Francisco 49ers

WR Ricky Pearsall
CB Renardo Green
OL Dominick Puni
S Malik Mustapha
RB Isaac Guerendo
WR Jacob Cowing
OT Jarrett Kingston
LB Tatum Bethune

Pick we liked: Renardo Green, CB

Pick that left us scratching our heads: Ricky Pearsall, WR

The Niners started off this draft with a bang, drafting Pearsall in the first round. I was shocked that Pearsall went that high, albeit he’s a very good fit in the Shanahan offense. While this has led to a lot of questions being asked about the future of both WRs Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, I think Pearsall represents a potential upgrade over Jauan Jennings, who is on a one year deal, and can be the successor to Aiyuk or Samuel. Absolutely love the Green pick on Day 2. I think he plays with a physical, aggressive mindset that fits the Niner defensive mantra, as does S Malik Mustapha. Puni can play right away at guard or center, and Guerendo is your typical Shanahan back. Solid class, but one that leaves us asking questions about the future of the stars on the Niners’ roster.

Grade: B

Seattle Seahawks

DT Byron Murphy
OG Christian Haynes
LB Tyrice Knight
TE AJ Barner
DB Nehemiah Pritchett
OT Sataoa Laumea
CB DJ James
OT Michael Jerrell

Pick we liked: Christian Haynes, OG

Pick that left us scratching our heads: Tyrice Knight, LB

The Seahawks had a rather interesting draft. They opted for best player available in Byron Murphy, and I love his fit in that defense. Mike MacDonald should turn him into a weapon defensively. Nabbing Haynes late on Day 2 was a steal, his power and athleticism make him a great fit at right guard and should help set the tone for that offensive line. Like the Pritchett and James picks on Day 3 as well, both good athletes who can push for playing time, especially James. The Knight pick was a bit confusing, especially when better LBs were available, but MacDonald has shown he can get the most out of that group. Still, a bigger impact player might’ve helped.

Grade: B-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

OL Graham Barton
EDGE Chris Braswell
DB Tykee Smith
WR Jalen McMillian
RB Bucky Irving
OG Elijah Klein
TE Devin Culp

Pick we liked: Jalen McMillian, WR

Pick that left us scratching our heads: N/A

The Bucs have quietly had a very good offseason, culminating in a very good draft. Nabbing Barton in the first is great value for Tampa, providing a lift at both guard and center. Braswell fits the mold of a Todd Bowles EDGE defender, and Smith should challenge for nickel reps right away. My favorite pick of theirs was McMillian, however. The forgotten man among the superstar Washington wideouts, McMillian was at his best in the slot, and now he can do that exclusively, rounding out a very good receiver corps in Tampa Bay. A strong class overall.

Grade: A

Syndication: The Tennessean

Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Tennessee Titans

OL JC Latham
DL T’Vondre Sweat
LB Cedric Gray
DB Jarvis Brownlee
WR Jha’Quan Jackson
S James Williams
DE Jaylen Harrell

Pick we liked: JC Latham, OT

Pick that had us scratching our head: T’Vondre Sweat, DT

The Tennessee Titans needed to add an offensive tackle, and they did just that with the selection of JC Latham at No. 7 overall. Latham could be plug-and-play on the right side for Tennessee, and when the pick was made his former coach Nick Saban raved about his strength and potential.

The pick of Sweat was certainly interesting. A DWI in the weeks leading up to the draft saw him sliding down boards, but the Titans drafted him at the top of the second around.

In many ways this draft mirrors what we saw from the Detroit Lions a season ago, a bit of a throwback as the team looks to build through the trenches and the spine of the field. If this draft ages as well as Detroit’s did, Titans fans will be pleased. Right now, however, we have questions.

Grade: C+

Washington Commanders

QB Jayden Daniels
DL Jer’Zhan “Johnny” Newton
DB Mike Sainristil
TE Ben Sinnott
OL Brandon Coleman
WR Luke McCarffrey
LB Jordan Magee
CB Dominique Hampton
DL Javontae Jean-Baptiste

Pick we liked: Jer’Zhan “Johnny” Newton, DT

Pick that had us scratching our heads: N/A

Of course time will tell, but on paper this looks like a tremendous haul for the Washington Commanders. They drafted a dynamic playmaker at No. 2 in Jayden Daniels, but adding Newton in the second round — after it was believed he would be a first-round pick — was a fantastic move.

But they did not stop there, as Michigan defensive back Mike Sainristil could be an immediate contributor in the secondary, and tight end Ben Sinnott is another fascinating prospect.

Whether Daniels pans out will ultimately tell the story of this draft class but right now, this looks like a strong first draft for Adam Peters in Washington.

Grade: A-

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