Niecy Nash-Betts’ Marital Advice Includes Champagne and Getting Naked

Niecy Nash-Betts has found a simple solution to overcoming marital challenges with Jessica Betts, and she’s spilling the tea — or should we say champagne — with Us.

“We use the practices that we got in therapy,” Nash-Betts, 54, told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting her new partnership with Versalie. “We put those tips and tricks to practice, and then when all else fails, [we] get naked, get in the pool and have some champagne. It all works itself out.”

Nash-Betts met Betts, 41, in 2015, and the pair bonded over their shared love for music. Four years later, Nash-Betts officially started dating the singer-songwriter, and they tied the knot in August 2020.

“We were really good friends, so that part of my life didn’t change [when we started dating],” Nash-Betts told Us. “When we became more than friends, I still don’t feel like my life changed. I think how people see me has changed, but not how I see myself.”

Niecy Nash-Betts’ Advice for Overcoming Marital Challenges Includes Champagne and Getting Naked

Niecy Nash-Betts.
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Nash-Betts added that loving Betts is “the easiest thing I’ve ever done,” and that therapy has been essential in the maintenance of their marriage.

“Therapy is the key because we all show up with our traumas, and if they’re not unpacked, then you end up bleeding on people who didn’t cut you,” she said. “So that’s why it’s important for you to understand yourself. We go to therapy separately and we go to couples therapy.”

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Claws star Niecy Nash and singer-songwriter Jessica Betts met in 2015, but they didn’t start dating until four years later. The pair formed a strong friendship via social media over their shared love for music. In 2016, Betts shared an Instagram video of Nash raving about her music. “Jessica Betts is an artist that feeds […]

Marriage isn’t all hard work for the Betts, though. “[We like to] skinny dip, drink expensive champagne, go to fine dinners, spend time with our fur baby, Michael [their dog], and travel the world,” Nash-Betts told Us of their favorite things to do together. “I have a pretty good life. I’m not going to lie.”

Niecy Nash-Betts’ Advice for Overcoming Marital Challenges Includes Champagne and Getting Naked
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While Nash-Betts has her wife by her side as she navigates the symptoms of menopause, the actress teamed up with Versalie to support other women going through the process.

“It’s important to me because I feel like so many women don’t understand everything that’s happening with their bodies when they go through menopause,” she told Us. “There are so many symptoms that I didn’t even know had anything to do with menopause because I grew up in a family that only ever talked about hot flashes.”

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Nash-Betts is also fighting to end the stigma around menopause, which affects every woman uniquely.

“The subject is not taboo. We are going to go through it,” she told Us. “To be able to talk about it with your partner or with other women just fosters a sense of support that we all need.”

She continued: “Having Versalie as a resource has not only been a gift to me, but to my friends and other women who have tapped into this community.”

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