Polestar hits 370kW in new extreme fast charging tests

Electric car maker Polestar has demonstrated new technology that allows for ultra-fast charging, hitting a speed of 370kW when charging a Polestar 5 prototype.

The technology, developed with battery firm Storedot, is named extreme fast charging (XFC) and uses silicon-dominant cells to charge at high speeds without degrading the battery. 

It also uses improved mechanics and cooling while weighing less. Its cells are lighter than those of a conventional EV battery and more recyclable, Polestar said. 

Should the technology be equipped to the 5 at market launch, as planned, it would significantly surpass the current fastest-charging EV currently on sale in the UK, the Porsche Taycan (320kW).

polestar 5 charging speed

Polestar said the technology also offers improvements in charging speed consistency, with tests returning a steady charging rate of 310kW and a peak of 370kW – higher than that offered by any public charger in the UK today. 

Polestar said this was equivalent to adding 200 miles using a 77kWh battery in 10 minutes and that technology will also be usable on the brand’s larger 100kWh batteries in the future.

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