Shiver me timbers! Pirate’s island hideaway for sale

The notorious pirate Black Sam Bellamy’s island hideaway, renowned for its historical significance during the Golden Age of Piracy, is now on the market.

The island, priced at US$50 million, offers a unique blend of luxury and a storied past, situated off the coast of the Florida Panhandle, according to

Black’s Island, once the secret refuge of one of history’s wealthiest pirates, now houses a four-star resort, complete with twenty-six waterfront bungalows, providing an exclusive Caribbean-like experience without leaving the United States.

Bellamy, born in Devon, England, and later known as the ‘Robin Hood of the Sea’ or ‘Prince of Pirates’, was famous for his democratic leadership and generous distribution of plunder.

His brief yet impactful pirate career ended tragically when a nor’easter storm sank his fleet, including his flagship, the Whydah Gally.

The shipwreck, discovered in 1982, revealed more than 200,000 artifacts, establishing Bellamy’s legend.

Today, his former refuge spans seven acres and is accessible only by boat, seaplane, or helicopter, emphasising its privacy and exclusivity.

The resort’s bungalows, available in one-and two-storey configurations, are fully furnished with modern amenities and designed for comfort and luxury, featuring expansive kitchens, living areas, and private balconies that offer panoramic views of the surrounding waters.

The property also boasts a four-storey luxury clubhouse, beach volleyball courts, a cabana bar, and a sizable swimming pool, all set within a vibrant marine estuary.

This idyllic location supports a plethora of water sports and relaxation opportunities, from kayaking and paddle-boarding to bird-watching and sunbathing.

Ownership of private islands has become a symbol of ultimate luxury, with celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mel Gibson investing in their personal escapes.

Black’s Island represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of pirate lore and a high-end resort, appealing to both history enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike.

This exclusive listing is managed by Jon Kohler & Associates, with further details and viewings arranged for serious buyers aiming to own a slice of pirate history infused with modern luxury.

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